How to optimize recovery after training?

First of all, it all depends:

The type of workout Your lifestyle Your body fat Your nutritional structure around your workout Supplements you take Etc.

As a general rule, what people look for is not to lose what they have gained during training. Whether it’s losing weight, gaining muscle mass or simply maintaining it, the principle remains the same you must Recover.

Always remembering that I am going in the broad sense, I suggest this to you;

If you have the chance, go with a full meal (protein, veg, * carbohydrates).

* For post-workout carbohydrates, go back to stating at the beginning (general rule)

Also as for the “anabolic window”, I come back to this in another article.

From a supplements standpoint, here is what I suggest to you in a broad sense that you might find helpful.

MagnesiumVitamin CTheanineAmino Recovery (my favorite product) .Glutamine

The idea behind “post” workout recovery is to decrease cortisol levels to fall into a rest mode as quickly as possible to create the repair effect.

In conclusion, nothing is all black or all white. This is also why therapists exist.

For more details, do not hesitate to contact me

Luc Plante (ND)

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